Beginners & Novices

These classes are for our youngest members, who are just setting out on their chess journey. They are shorter than our full sessions and suitable for age 6+, though occasionally younger children do attend.

Each session is a mix between instruction and supervised play.

Beginners (2:30-3:30)

The children learn the rules of chess, including how the six types of pieces move, and how a game ends in checkmate or stalemate.

Children are also introduced to behavioural customs and traditions, and sportsmanship is emphasized.

Novices (3:40-4:50)

Moving on from ‘how to play chess’ to ‘how to play chess well’, the children learn the basic building blocks of chess tactics and planful play. This includes basic opening principles, common tactical elements such as forks and pins, and essential endgame techniques such as mating with King and Queen against King.