EJCOA National Youth Championship

EJCOA is the English Junior Chess Coaches and Organisers Association. See the association website, https://ejcoa.co.uk/, for full details.

The EJCOA National Youth Championship is a new event in 2022, but intended to run annually into the future.

Full details of the event can be found at: https://ejcoa.co.uk/national-youth-championships/

RJCC will be holding a zonal qualifying tournament as part of the championship cycle, on Saturday 25 June.

The tournament has the following age limited sections:

The age limits are based on the FIDE international standard of calendar years (rather than school years).

The sections will be run as 5 round Swiss tournaments.. Depending on entries, sections may be merged with an adjacent section. Games will be played with a time control of 15 minutes per player per game with an increment of 10 seconds per move made. All games will be ECF rapidplay rated.

The round times are scheduled as follows:

  • Round 1: 13:15                   
  • Round 2: 13.45        
  • Round 3: 14:15
  • Round 4: 14:45         
  • Round 5: 15:30
  • Finish and Prize giving: 16.45

The top boy and top girl in each age category at the London Final will qualify for the FIDE-rated EJCOA Youth Championships National Finals at Nottingham High School, Waverley Mount, Nottingham NG7 4ED on 8-10 July, 2022.

Entry is via the following form: https://ejcoa.co.uk/online-payments/nyc-regional-final.

Thursday 23 June – Entries are now closed.

Qualifiers and Prize Winners

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the winners in each combined age/gender category.

The first place in each combined age/gender category qualified for the EJCOA Final.

No tie-breaks were applicable in splitting qualifying prizes or in determining prizes.

If anyone did not get their prize on the day, please email richmond_junior_chess_club@hotmail.com, and we will be happy to post it to you, or arrange to hand it you personally at a meeting of the club.

Age Gender Place Name ECF Rating Id Rapid Rating Club/School Score Qualified?
U18 M 1 Yuan, David 315545G 1578 Castles 3 Q
U16 M 1 Ibn Saifullah, Anas 342105D Cambridge City 5 Q
    2 O’Neill, Kai 315545G 1511 Richmond Juniors  
    3 Koeung, Alexander 316605D 1545 Richmond Juniors 3  
U14 F 1 Pitcher, Emilia 315078B 1177 Bucks. Juniors 2 Q
    2 Rogalskaya, Elizaveta 347391A Battersea  
    3 Sengupta, Sohana 317894J 1242 Richmond Juniors 1  
U14 M 1= Clery, Liam 340773B 1608 Richmond Juniors Q
    1= Wu, Yichen 316135D 1084 Richmond Juniors Q
    3 Koppuravuri, Srihan 307505K 1674 Bucks. Juniors 3  
U12 F 1 Scott, Jane 305792G  1222 Barnet Knights Q
    2 Sengupta, Arina 324180E 836    
U12 M 1 Tang, Brian 308935G 1511 Richmond Juniors 5 Q
    2= Grose, Kameron 311725L 1697 Richmond Juniors  
    2= Ward, Cian 314894E 1645 Richmond Juniors  
    2= Lee, Yuk Hei 331341E 1471 Richmond Juniors  
    2= Singh, Hari 308906L 1406 Richmond Juniors  
    2= Welling, Zac 322808D  1294 Richmond Juniors  
    2= Kim, Ejun 327913D CSC Hollymount PS  
U10 F 1= de Boer, Lara 346099L 1029   3 Q
    1= O’Neill, Lila 331014A 991 Richmond Juniors 3 Q
U10 M 1 Kendall, Arthur 340504H 1431 Richmond Juniors 5 Q
    2 Dalah, Jacob 331672F 1150    
    3= Bernard, Gabriel 321503K 1312 Richmond Juniors 4  
    3= Hazell, Peter 328479H 1182 Wallace Chess 4  
U8 F 1 Zhang, Yichen 342093A 1220 Richmond Juniors Q
    2 Dixit, Myra 348594J Edgeware Gambits 2  
U8 M 1 Lishoy Gengis Paratzham, Dildarev 322893K  1610 Surrey Juniors 5 Q
    2 Bogerd, Ethan 331641F 1089 Richmond Juniors  
    3= Singh, Ravi 331560F 905 Richmond Juniors 3  
    3= Xiong, Yichen 340506A 880 Richmond Juniors 3  
    3= Peddi, Sai Pranav 345716D   3  

The organisers would like to thank all the children who took part for their good behaviour and their fine chess play, and the parents who waited patiently whilst the children fought tenacious and long games, which broke the (perhaps) over-ambitious initial time-table. We would also like to thank our caterers, The Regal Cafe of 70 London Road, Twickenham, who provided their usual fine selection of sandwiches, drinks and sundries to all. We would also like to thank the Facilities Department of Orleans Park School, for the kind use of their venue.