David Okike

Head Coach

Formerly London Junior champion and Nigerian national champion, David has devoted the last decade or so to teaching and coaching juniors at all levels. At RJCC the advanced groups benefit from his experience on a weekly basis.

Paul McKeown


Paul sorts the business side of things, ensuring, as he says, that the other coaches can focus on what they do best – teaching chess. An experienced chess tutor himself, he often pitches in in the analysis room and joins in lessons, workload permitting!

Bob Eames

Coach (Advanced)

A FIDE master (FM) specialising in one-to-one chess coaching for the last 35 years, Bob has vast experience in chess playing and teaching. More recently he has also been teaching chess in schools. At RJCC he can usually be found teaching an advanced group or analysing games, with children queueing up to be next.

Jim Stevenson

Coach (Intermediates)

This description used to say ‘ex-Scottish national player’, but that is no longer accurate. Jim’s most recent action for a Scottish national team is so recent that the tournament had to be interrupted half-way through due to the coronavirus emergency.
An experienced chess coach, Jim heads up RJCC’s Intermediate section. 
He likes to think his particular area of chess expertise is the development of logical analytical skills in the middle game, often using the games of his hero, Bobby Fischer, to illustrate themes.

“Jim is one of the best pedagogues I have ever known. Great teaching skills, awesome pace and technical insights!” –Sorin, a colleague

Sorin Atanasiu

Coach (Intermediates)

Experienced, friendly, and very popular with the children, Sorin helps prepare for those first competitive tournaments, and guides children from strength to strength.

Sorin has been working with kids since 2003 as a humanities teacher and chess tutor.

Aga Milewska

Coach (Beginners and Novices)

Our youngest and newest members love working with Aga, who never loses her enthusiasm for teaching those all important basic tactics and strategies (scholar’s mate, anyone?)

Shahanah Schmid WFM

Coach (Girls)

Former Swiss national player and Women’s champion, Shahanah brings her international experience and enthusiasm for girls’ chess to RJCC. As mum to two young RJCC members, Shahanah is very approachable, and understands the issues that come with being a ‘chess parent’.