Q: From what age do you take children?
In principle we accept children from the age of 6 for our beginners' group, 7 for our novices group and 8 for our full club, although we will allow younger children in exceptional cases. It's really a question of experience, playing strength, emotional maturity, seriousness of purpose and parental support.
Q: You're too far away for us. Do you run any other branches?
We work closely with other clubs, including Fulham Junior Club, run by several of our team, and are considering starting other clubs in the West/South West London area.
Q: Do you have many girls in the club?
We always have a few girls in the club but unfortunately not very many. We are now running a girls group once a month (usually on the first Saturday of the month). We'd love to see any girls attending this group and would encourage more girls to join our club on a weekly basis.
Q: Do we have to come every week?
No, but the more often you come the more benefit you will get from coming and the more value you will get from your subscription. We certainly expect our stronger members to compete in tournaments on a fairly regular basis so they will not be able to attend every week. Members of our squads will be expected to attend regularly on squad training days.
Q: Do you accept children who have ADHD or are on the Autistic Spectrum?
Yes, as long as they are able to cope with the club and they don't distract other children when they are playing serious games. In fact Richard has a particular interest in teaching and mentoring neurodiverse children, particularly those on the Autistic Spectrum. Please contact us with your specific requirements.
Q: Do you offer private tuition?
We are able to offer private tuition within our immediate area and can sometimes put you in touch with other coaches who may be able to provide tuition in their own area or further away. Richard has occasional vacancies for private pupils at his house (Whitton) or within the Whitton/Twickenham areas. Please contact us with your specific requirements.
Q: Do parents have to stay?
Most parents don't stay, but if you wish to do so you're very welcome. We particuarly encourage parents of children in the Beginners and Novices groups to stay so that they will be able to learn with their children and reinforce the lessons at home.
Q: Do we have to stay for the full three hours?
We'd like you to see us more as a school than a social club so arriving on time is very helpful. We usually start the main activity by 1:30 so everyone should be there by then. The first half hour gives children the chance to meet their friends, socialise and play some casual games, and also gives us time to welcome and assess potential members. There will sometimes also be some time at the end for socialising, although we hope children will also help tidying up the sets and furniture before they leave. We understand that 3 hours is rather a long time for younger children, so if you want to collect your children early for this reason that's quite OK.
Q: How much does the club cost?
Please download our current membership form for details of costs.
Q: Can we have a trial session before joining?
Yes, you're welcome to have one trial session before deciding whether or not your children would like to join the club.

If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us for further information.