Our lead coaches for our main 3 hour session are Paul McKeown and David Okike, both experienced coaches who have played high level chess for many years.

Richard James, the co-founder of the club in 1975, currently works mostly with intermediate level players as well as offering private tuition. To find out more about Richard please visit his website.

Agnieszka Milewska runs our beginners/novices group.

Susan Lalic, an international master and woman grandmaster, is the main tutor for our monthly girls group, supplemented by other top female players such as British Women's Champion Akshaya Kalaiyalahan.

Other team members include Jim Stevenson and Toni Johansson, both strong players and experienced coaches, who are involved in our holiday chess camps as well as making occasional appearances on Saturdays.

All our coaches have full DBS clearance.