Richmond Blitz Blasts

Richmond Blitz Blasts are FIDE Rated open blitz events, normally played over 11 rounds.

Detailed Terms and Conditions applicable to these events can be downloaded from:

14th Richmond Blitz

In 2022, our annual Christmas Blitz took place on Saturday 17th December, from 13:00 to 17:50. It was FIDE and ECF Rated, played over 11 rounds, at the rate of 4 minutes per player per game plus 2 seconds per move, with one Open section and a £2850 prize fund.

The final standings can be found at:

The prize-winners were:

1st: FM Harry Grieve, 9½/11, £500

2nd: GM Eldar Gasanov, 8½/11 (73), £350

3rd: IM Ameet Ghasi, 8½/11 (72.5), £250

4th: Ilia Malinovskii, 8/11 (71), £200

5th: FM Dong Bhao Nghia, 8/11 (67), £150

6th: Jovica Radovanovic, 8/11 (61), £100

1st Female: IM Susan Lalic 6½/11, £375

2nd Female: WGM Elmira Mirzoeva 6/11, £250

3rd Female: Lucy Buckley, 5 (57.5), £100

U2000: 1st Heinrch Basson, 7/11, £100; 2nd Marcus Gosling, 6½/11 (60.5), £60

U1500: 1st Nathan Stehlin, 5/11 (59), £100; 2nd Lucas Chinien, 5/11 (58), £60

Richmond Juniors: 1st Liam Clery, 6/11, £100; 2nd Kiaan Ikram, 5½/11, £60

Girls Prize: Anujin Batkuu, 2½/11, £60.

13th Richmond Blitz – “Rik Thomas Memorial”

In 2021, our annual Christmas Blitz was dedicated to Rik Thomas, a Richmond Juniors coach, who passed away during the pandemic. He was also a long-standing organiser of King’s Head Chess Club. We marked the death of two parents, Suman Chatterjee and Jatinder Sian. 85 players contested for the prize fund of £3000. A collection was raised to donate to Rik Thomas’s widow, Laila Suzuki. This tournament was one of the initial tranche of blitz tournaments accepted for ECF Blitz Rating.

The final standings can be found at:

Rik Thomas

The prize-winners were:

1st: FM Harry Grieve, 10/11, £500

2nd: GM Keith Arkell, 9/11, £375

3rd: FM David Haydon, 8½/11, £275

4th: Adam A Taylor, 8/11 (77.5), £200

5th: IM Graeme Buckley, 8/11 (75), £150

1st Female: WFM Shohreh Bayat 6½/11, £375

2nd Female:WFM Rasa Norinkeviciute and Alaa Gamal, both on 6/11, chose to share the prize of £275, each receiving £137.50, instead of breaking the tie with Median Bucholz.

U2000: 1st Oliver Stubbs, 7/11, £100; 2nd Ted Filby, 6½/11, £60

U1500: 1st Hari Singh and Richard Zhan, 5½/11, each received £80

Richmond Juniors: 1st Kai O’Neill, 5½/11, £100; 2nd Liam Clery and Yegor Kulikov, 5/11, each £30; 1st Girl Lila O’Neill and Sohana Sengupta shared, 5/11, each £30

Former Richmond Juniors: 1st, Zain Patel, 7½/11, £100; 2nd Arjun Sian and Joseph Williams, 5/11, each £30;

King’s Head: 1st Nischal Thatte, 7½/11, £100; 2nd Julian Ward, 6½/11, generously donated his prize money to the money raised for Rik Thomas’s widow.