Welcome to Richmond Junior Chess Club

Founded in 1975, Richmond Junior Chess Club is open for budding chess masters from 5 to 18 years of age.  All standards are welcome, all that is required is that children have an interest in learning about chess, wish to improve and want to play.

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  1. HI How could we join junior chess club for 9 years old boy.we just won the third prize in hampshire junior chess championships.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi,

    I am writing to you in regards to my 9 year old son. He never played chess before but he has a good mind and I am sure he will progress fast.
    Is any chance to have him in your club? If yes, I would like to know more details.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nicoleta,

      Yes, we will be delighted to welcome your son into the Beginner’s classes at the club. I’m afraid it will have to be for Summer Term, now, which starts on 22nd April, as we have only another 2 weeks left in Spring term, and we will be very busy with two large team events, one of which we are hosting. Please drop an email to richmond_junior_chess_club@hotmail.com!

      Best wishes,

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Juan Melendres and I am writing to you to see if you could provide some assistance.

    My son Nicolas who is 5 and is at Reception has developed a strong interest in chess, we have been teaching him the basics of the game and he has started playing matches in an app but we think it would be beneficial if he could join a local club. He knows the movements of all the pieces, the aim of the game, checkmate, etc. We have bought him a book of chess puzzles (checkmate in 1) which he is rapidly going through at the moment.

    Would you accept kids his age and what would be your recommendation to take it forward?

    Thank you in anticipation for the help


  4. Hi my 7 years old boy, wanted to join chess classes, can you please let me know if you have spaces and I drop a mail couple of days ago with my questions, please reply at your earliest.

  5. Hello,

    Good Day! Hope you well.

    I would like to check chess classes for my son (12 year old)? He had taken up lessons at his school, however unsure at what level he can join? Do you’ll offer any lesson to help assess her right level so that he can join.


  6. Hello, Am enquiring to see if you’d be open to enrolling my 13.5 year old son at your club. He has playing chess for sometime now, including taking a few classes and participating in tournaments sponsored through this schools.

    Could you please let me know?

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