Our Standard Tariffs

We normally charge the rates displayed in the following table:

DescriptionTariff (£)
Advanced or Intermediate Class – Term200.00
Beginners or Novices Class – Term125.00
2nd or Subsequent Sibling – Advanced or Intermediate Class – Term120.00
2nd or Subsequent Sibling – Beginners or Novices Class – Term75.00
Advanced or Intermediate Class – Single Class (notional pro rata)20.00
Beginners or Novices Class – Single Class (notional pro rata)12.50
Girls Class – All Sessions in a Term (typically 3 or 4)20.00
RJCC Standard Tariffs

We may under certain circumstances offer a discretionary reduced rate. Such circumstances include:

  • Family financial difficulties. Membership may from time to time be offered at a heavy discount to members whose families are in financial distress. Any conversation concerning such matters is kept confidential, of course. 
  • Longstanding members who know in advance that they cannot attend every session in a term (e.g. they may be playing in external tournaments) may be offered a rate based on the number of sessions they can attend.
  • Membership or reduced rate membership may be offered as a prize in some of our tournaments.

3 Replies to “Our Standard Tariffs”

  1. Hi,

    Would you do any taster session please? My child has learnt a bit of chess with his grandparent so he would be an absolute beginner. He will soon be 9 years old.

    And if we are going to sign up to your regular Saturday classes after, how much would it be if he joins from mid October?

    I shall look forward to hearing from you.


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