Our Standard Tariffs

We normally charge the rates displayed in the following table:

DescriptionTariff (£)
Advanced or Intermediate Class – Term200.00
Beginners or Novices Class – Term125.00
2nd or Subsequent Sibling – Advanced or Intermediate Class – Term120.00
2nd or Subsequent Sibling – Beginners or Novices Class – Term75.00
Advanced or Intermediate Class – Single Class (notional pro rata)20.00
Beginners or Novices Class – Single Class (notional pro rata)12.50
Girls Class – All Sessions in a Term (typically 3 or 4)20.00
RJCC Standard Tariffs

We may under certain circumstances offer a discretionary reduced rate. Such circumstances include:

  • Family financial difficulties. Membership may from time to time be offered at a heavy discount to members whose families are in financial distress. Any conversation concerning such matters is kept confidential, of course. 
  • Longstanding members who know in advance that they cannot attend every session in a term (e.g. they may be playing in external tournaments) may be offered a rate based on the number of sessions they can attend.
  • Membership or reduced rate membership may be offered as a prize in some of our tournaments.

4 Replies to “Our Standard Tariffs”

  1. Hi,

    My son is very keen on the chess. He would like to improve his skills. He started to be interested in it last year. In a year he improved his skills at online games, but we would like him to be guided. We don’t know his level. We tried to choose novice but no place remained. What can we do to attend classes?

  2. Hi,

    Would you do any taster session please? My child has learnt a bit of chess with his grandparent so he would be an absolute beginner. He will soon be 9 years old.

    And if we are going to sign up to your regular Saturday classes after, how much would it be if he joins from mid October?

    I shall look forward to hearing from you.


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