Friendly Matches & Jamborees

From time to time, Richmond Juniors takes part and organises various friendly matches and jamborees involving other junior chess clubs, associations and counties.

Here is a record of some recent events in which Richmond Juniors has participated:

  • 4 Feb 2018 (Newbury) ‒ U9 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 2nd from 7
  • 9 Feb 2019 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U9 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 1st & 3rd from 8
  • 8 Feb 2020 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U9 Jamboree
  • 16 Feb 2020 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U11 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 2nd from 8
  • 18 Dec 2021 (Orleans Park School) ‒ Match vs. Wallace Juniors ‒ Rd. 1 & 2
  • 5 Feb 2022 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U9 Jamboree
  • 12 Feb 2022 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U11 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 1st from 7
  • 28 Jan 2023 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U9 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 1st from 7
  • 11 Feb 2023 (Orleans Park School) ‒ U11 Jamboree ‒ Richmond 2nd from 6

Friendly U9 and U11 Jamboree ‒ 2024

The annual friendly jamborees for local U9 and U11 teams to help prepare them for the EPSCA Inter-Association Championships will be held this year on the same day. The date has been set as Saturday 3rd February, and the venue is the Attenborough Hall at Orleans Park School. Teams in both age categories will comprise 12 players. Richmond is naturally seeking its best players – please email urgently if you would like your child to take part!

News Update ‒ 21/01/2024

Teams entered:

  • Barnet U9, U11
  • Berkshire U11
  • Herts: U9
  • Kent U9, U11
  • Richmond U9, U11
  • Sussex U9, U11
  • Uxbridge U9, U11

If any other teams wish to participate, please get in touch with urgency!

Team Lists: due by midnight, Thursday, 1 February . Need name of team and age category, boards 1 – 12 listed in order, with family name, given names, Gender, ECF Rating Code, Date of Birth.

Venue: “Attenborough Hall”, Orleans Park School, Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3BB.

Format: 3 rounds jamboree pairings

Time control: 30 minute per player per game plus 10 seconds per move

Rating: ECF rapid rated

Rules: EPSCA rules apply

Prizes: Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for teams coming 1st to 3rd


Board Stewards Meeting10:30
Round 111:00
Round 212:45
Round 314:20


Richmond Junior Chess Club is grateful to Orleans Park School in allowing us to use their venue and for their help in organising our events.  We ask everyone to respect the school’s generosity, and ask everyone to keep it clean.  Please ensure that any room that you use is left clean and tidy before you go home.  Bins or large black bin bags will be provided in each room, and all rubbish should be disposed of in these.  Liquids should not be put in the bin bags.  If extra bin bags are needed, or if there are any spillages, please speak to the Richmond staff.  All tables and chairs should be left where they were found. If using a team room, please take a photograph of the room on entering it, and then return all furniture to the place it was in when you took possession of the room. Do not write with indelible ink on whiteboards. Do not touch anything on the teachers’ desks.

Friendly U9 and U11 Jamborees ‒ 2023

Both the U9 and U11 Jamborees were held at Orleans Park School:

  • Friendly U9 Jamboree ‒ Orleans Park School ‒ Sat. 28 January 2023. Richmond entered two teams; the Richmond A team won the event with 25½ points from a possible 36. Sussex came second (24½ points) and Buckinghamshire came third (21½ points). 7 teams participated. Oxford Fusion Jamboree Results.
  • Friendly U11 Jambore ‒ Orleans Park School ‒ Sat. 11 February 2023. 1. Barnet 37½, 2. Richmond 33, 3. Kent 31½, 6 teams participated. Oxford Fusion Jamboree Results.
Saturday 28 January 2023 ‒ Richmond U9 Team won the Chris Stothert Trophy!

History of the Chris Stothert Trophy for Junior Team

Nigel Dennis of Maindenhead Junior Chess Club kindly forwarded a list of winners inscribed on the Chris Stothert Trophy for Junior Teams, a perpetual trophy awarded to the winners of some of these local jamborees at U9 and U11.

Winners of the Chris Stothert Trophy for Junior Teams