Membership and Booking Forms

The standard tariffs for our classes can be found at: Our Standard Tariffs.

The online Membership Form imposes some limitations in numbers who can apply for various types of classes. Please respect these limitations and do not proceed to the Booking Form if the class that you need for one or more of your children is unavailable. Drop us an email, instead, to enquire whether there may be some flexibility.

The online Booking Form will calculate the correct rate if you have one or more children, with the correct rate depending on the type of class and will apply the correct discount for second or subsequent siblings.

If, instead, you have agreed with us a specific rate for the term (e.g. as a prize from one of our tournaments, or based on a limited attendance during the term, or because of personal financial matters – which we will always keep confidential, of course), we will email you a “Payment Code”. Select “Yes” when asked whether you have a Payment Code, then enter the value of the code and the agreed rate. Make matters clear with a short text in the Explanatory Note field.

When the rate has been determined, the online Booking Form will take you to a Paypal page, where you can enter your debit or credit card, or make a payment through a Paypal account.

Please get in touch should you have any problems or suggestions.

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