Entering the EJCOA Richmond Zonal

Entering the EJCOA Richmond Zonal

Tournament Sections

The tournament has the following age limited sections:

Under 8 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2015
Under 10 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2013
Under 12 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2011
Under 14 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2009
Under 16 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2007
Under 18 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2005
Under 20 Open to players born on or after 1 Jan. 2003

The age limits are based on the FIDE international standard of calendar years (rather than academic years more often used for junior tournaments in England).

All sections are qualifying events for the EJCOA National Youth Championship.

Some sections may be merged if there are too few competitors to provide for a full 5 round tournament.

Entry Form

The tournament entry form, with full information on how to enter, can be downloaded at:

Entry Fees

All entries must be accompanied by the correct entry fee, which is £30.00. All entrants must be members of the English Chess Federation, at Silver level or better. The process for joining or renewing ECF Membership is explained on its website at https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-membership-rates-and-joining-details/. An offer of one year’s free membership is available for juniors who have not previously been members of the Federation.

Space is limited to 100 entries. Early entry is advised. Entries by Thursday, 12th January, please. Late entries may be accepted but will incur a late entry fee of £5. Entries on the day will incur a £10 surcharge.


Please pay the entry fee using the form at the following web address:


A player may withdraw at any point up to the closing of normal entries on Thursday, 12th January, subject to a £5 administration fee. Withdrawal after this forfeits the full entry fee.


The playing schedule for all sections is as follows:

13:00 Round 1
13:45 Round 2
14:30 Round 3
15:15 Round 4
16:00 Round 5
17:00 – 17:15 Prize-giving

Time Control

All games will be played with clocks, at the rate of 15 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move.


Players will be paired in each section using a computerised Swiss system, which will be posted
online, as well as at the venue. No discussion will be entered into concerning the pairings.

Online entries, pairings and results will be posted to:

Under 8 Section http://chess-results.com/tnr714286.aspx
Under 10 Section http://chess-results.com/tnr714296.aspx
Under 12 Section http://chess-results.com/tnr714293.aspx
U14 to U20 Section http://chess-results.com/tnr714292.aspx

No player gets knocked out for losing a game, players are expected to play all rounds. If a player needs to leave early, please inform the controllers.


All games will be sent for FIDE and ECF rapidplay rating.


Winners (one boy and one girl) of each age-related section receive a cup. Second and third placed boys
and girls receive a medal.

Venue & Transport

Limited parking on-site. Twickenham Station is 10 minutes’ walk; St. Margaret’s Station is 15 minutes
away. Some buses stop outside, many stop in the town centre. See

5 round Swiss events. All entrants will be required to have at least Silver ECF membership.