Borough Team Championship – Details

Date: Saturday 13 July 2024

Venue: Orleans Park School, Richmond Road, TWICKENHAM. TW1 3BB.

Schedule. The schedule for the day will be:

Time Event
09:45 Welcome
10:00 Round 1 starts
11:10 Round 2 starts
12:20 Round 3 starts
13:30 Round 4 starts
14:40 Round 5 starts
15:50 Round 6 starts
16:50 Prize Ceremony

Sections. There will be two sections:

  • Under 9 (i.e. born on or after 1st September 2014). Corresponds to Year 4 or younger.
  • Under 11 (i.e. born on or after 1st September 2012). Corresponds to Year 6 or younger.

Teams. Teams will comprise 5 players, ranked from Boards 1 to 5 in order of playing strength. One substitute player may travel with each team, and may be substituted in that team for the next round, if announced to the Chief Arbiter at least ten minutes before the start of the following round. A separate competition will be arranged for substitutes not playing in the main competition. A maximum of forty teams will be accepted in total across both sections.

Player Registration. Please use the following form to register players with their teams: Borough Teams Championship – Player Registration.

Format. Each section will be run as a Team Swiss. 

Ranking. Initial team rankings will be by rating of top board, then alphabetic. Ranking in subsequent rounds, and final ranking will be Match Points, Game Points, Board Count, then by progressive elimination of the lowest board.

Pairings. Pairings will use Swiss Manager software and pairings and results will be published on at:

Time Control. All games will be played at the rate of 20 minutes per player, plus 10 seconds per move.

Rating. All games will be ECF rapidplay rated.

Applicable Laws and Tournament Regulations. FIDE Laws of Chess will apply throughout. Detailed regulations for the tournament will be published closer to the time.

Prizes. A perpetual trophy will be presented to the team from the Borough of Richmond which achieves the best score in the competition, to keep for one year. The name of the winning team will be engraved on the perpetual trophy. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be presented to the members of the top three teams, regardless of whether they come from the Borough of Richmond, or not.

Entry Fees. The cost to enter a team in either section is £50.

Team Rooms. Accommodation will be provided for teams, however teams may have to share a room with a team from another school. The entry form will allow one to indicate whether a team needs a room with wheelchair access.